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DiscoveryEngine is an AI powered Content Discovery Engine delivering ready-to-buy customers to your website.

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What does this mean for your business?
Increased sales without the hassle of convincing customers to purchase.

Customers leave our engine confident that their purchase choice satisfies all of their needs - from color to size to ingredients to location to turn around time to organic rating. Our engine captures all of the variables customers consider before they make a purchase decision.

A 100% matched product means a satisfied and confident customer, as well as an effortless sale with low likelihood of return.

How it works

Built on top of AI and ML algorithms, DiscoveryEngine intuitively delivers the right products to customers.

User Search

Thorough searches that consider multiple criteria, DiscoveryEngine ensures a satisfied customer who's needs will be met.

Discovery Engine

Our AI-based engine considers thousands of available products and services to ensure results are a perfect match for the customer.

Output by Intuitive API

Products or services are delivered to customers, ensuring results that exactly match their personal needs.

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Increase your revenue today

Interesante, the original DiscoveryEngine, now a Software as a Service

After 5 years of operating as a content discovery platform, our foundation product, Interesante, has evolved into a SaaS DiscoveryEngine.

As an intuitive AI content engine, Interesante learned users' specific search patterns and preferences and delivered best-fit results for their specific needs.

Our new SaaS DiscoveryEngine, building off of Interesante's foundation, matches ready-to purchase customers with brands seeking to increase their revenue.

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